TU 4210V

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  • 优质、高效、高性价比

    Convincing arguments: quality, efficiency and price
    · Hardened and ground bed guideways
    · Coolant equipment with separate coolant tank separately with filling level display and oil separator; easy and complete draining and cleaning according to DIN
    · Guaranteed true running accuracy of the spindle nose better than 0.015 mm
    · All metric thread pitch in the range from 0.2 to 14 mm/rev and all inch threads in the range from 72-2 threads per inch without replacing the change gears by means of gear levers adjustable on the control panel
    · Right-handed/left-handed rotation on the bed slide switchable via stem
    · Halogen machine lamp
    · Central lubrication at the bed slide
    · Cover for leading spindle
    · Largely dimensioned chip protection
    · Foot brake
    · Electrical system with Siemens components
    · Adjustable scale of the threading gauge