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    Convincing arguments:quality,efficiency and price
    ·Heavy,solid cast iron construction
    ·Spindle sleeve fine infeed via handwheel,easy to use
    ·Largely dimensioned drlling table,solid and precisely machined with transversally running T-slots,heavily ribbed at the backside and double clamping
    ·Easy speed change via gear shifting lever at the front
    ·Spindle sleeve feed via star grip (B 40 E)
    ·Coupler to change from manual rough feed to manual fine feed
    ·Thick-walled cast-iron upright for high smooth running and stability
    ·Height adjustment of table via toothed rack
    ·Coolant equipment
    ·Machine head adjustable via toothed rack
    ·B40 PTE:
    ·Automatic sleeve feed allows easy working
    ·Swiveling drilling table