SK61128/148/168/198/208 CNC

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    Convincing arguments:quality,efficiency and price
    ·Overlapping dual-sliding door half-protective housing
    ·Automatical lubricating system
    ·Adopt FANUC,SIEMENS or GSK control system with programmable controller(PC)and CRT display,linear and circular interpolation
    ·AC servo motor,pulse encoder feedback used for longitudinal &
    transverse feed;hi-strength cast machine guide rails inductively hardened and precisely ground;plastic-coated saddle rails with low friction coefficient
    ·Spindle uses variable frequency stepless adjustment or spindle servo motor variable speed control
    ·Wide cutting range for cutting cylindrical,inner hole,end face,slot, cone,chamfer,conical or cylindrical thread,and circular surface
    ·Conform to European Safety Standards