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  • 优质、高效、高性价比·坚固的铸铁机身设计
    ·两种可切换的锯条切割速度45/90 m/min·通过回转整个锯弓可任意调节回转-45到+60度

    Convincing arguments: quality, efficiency and price
    · Heavy casting type
    · Limit stops exactly adjustable within an accuracy of a degree
    · Automatic switch-off of the saw after termination of cutting
    · Precise and durable saw band guiding, re-adjustable
    · Two switchable saw band speeds 45/9o m/min.
    · Mitre adjustment from-45 up to 6o by slewing the whole saw bow
    · With high-grade bimetallic saw band supplied as standard
    · Material limit stop with scaling
    · Precise, infinitely variable lowering by means of hydraulic cylinder
    · CE conformity of the electrical equipment