The 17th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2021)


The 17th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2021) was successfully held in Beijing • China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) on April 12-17.First of all, Yangzhou EURO Machinery Group would like to thank the organizer for successfully holding the 17th China International Machine Tool Exhibition. Under the current severe global epidemic of new crown pneumonia.CIMT2021 became the first internationally renowned machine tool exhibition to be held normally in the post-epidemic period around the world. It has attracted the attention of the global industry and provides the best window and platform for the observation, research and docking of the Chinese machine tool consumer market.

This time, Yangzhou EURO Machinery Group (Booth No. W4-B013) displayed the CNC machining center F105 CNC, CNC lathe L34HS, automatic feed lathe TX4414,Continuously variable speed bench drill DX17V, belt driven vertical drilling machine DP33, belt driven bench drilling machine DP26T, industrial lathe TM3310,Continuously variable speed mini drilling and milling MH20V, automatic feed industrial drilling machine DH35G, gear-driven industrial bench drill DH26GT,A variety of digital
displays, magnetic scales.Paper/electronic catalogs,TOPTECH customized limited gifts, and our Yangzhou-style snacks, are also prepared for guests on site, EURO Machinery Group treats every customer with enthusiasm.

Whether it is a CNC machining center or a small bench drill, lathes are very popular among customers. Among them, Op Machinery Group allows customers to have a new understanding of small lathes, small bench drills, and small milling machines:
Under the premise of high precision and high quality, the appearance design can still be novel, beautiful, and more user-friendly for operation.

The seventeenth China International Machine Tool Fair (CIMT2021), which lasted for six days, has ended successfully. We look forward to meeting you at the next exhibition. If you want to continue to learn about EURO Machinery Group, please contact us:

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